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2015.04.30 Flowers from many years ago: [Flowers from 2009 <1>], [Flowers from 2009 <2>], [Flowers from 2009 <3>], [Flowers from 2009 <4>], [Flowers from 2009 <5>], [Flowers from 2009 <6>] and [Flowers from 2009 <7>].
2015.04.25 From many years ago: [Tibetan Dancers at Night].
2015.04.11 Three of elephants: [Elephant], [Elephant] and [Elephant].
2014.10.25 Being a visitor in other people's place: [Along the Seine <1>], [Along the Seine <2>], [Along the Seine <3>], [Along the Seine <4>] and [Along the Seine <5>]; And seeing visitors in my place: [Backyard Visitors <1>], [Backyard Visitors <2>] and [Backyard Visitors <3>].
2014.10.11 An eclipse, two small gardens and a big one: [Japanese Garden <1>], [Japanese Garden <2>], [Japanese Garden <3>], [Lansu Chinese Garden <1>], [Lansu Chinese Garden <2>], [The Red Moon <3> - during an Eclipse], [The Greenness of Palouse <1>], [The Greenness of Palouse <2>], [The Greenness of Palouse <3>], [The Greenness of Palouse <4>], [The Greenness of Palouse <5>], [The Greenness of Palouse <6>], [The Greenness of Palouse <7>], [The Greenness of Palouse <8>], [The Greenness of Palouse <9>], [The Greenness of Palouse <10>], [The Greenness of Palouse <11>] and [The Greenness of Palouse <12>].
2014.07.13 Five waterfalls: The smoke that thounders and the silk that flows: [Mosi-oa-Tunya - the Smoke that Thunders (Victoria Falls) <1>], [Mosi-oa-Tunya - the Smoke that Thunders (Victoria Falls) <2>], [Mosi-oa-Tunya - the Smoke that Thunders (Victoria Falls) <3>], [Mosi-oa-Tunya - the Smoke that Thunders (Victoria Falls) <4>] and [Ramona Falls].
2014.06.20 On Havasu Creek: [Upper Navajo Waterfall], [Havasu Waterfall <1>], [Havasu Waterfall <2>], [Mooney Waterfall <1>], [Mooney Waterfall <2>], [Mooney Waterfall <3>], [Beaver Waterfall <1>], [Beaver Waterfall <2>], [Havasu Creek <1>], [Havasu Creek <2>], [Havasu Creek <3>], [Havasu Creek <4>], [Havasu Creek <5>] and [Havasu Creek <6>].
2014.05.10 Relics of the library of Celsus at Ephesus, Turkey: [Ephesus <1>], [Ephesus <2>], [Ephesus <3>], [Ephesus <4>], [Ephesus <5>], [Ephesus <6>], [Ephesus <7>] and [Ephesus <8>].
2014.05.05 A few more from Lake Bled: [Bled Lake <8>] [Bled Lake <9>] [Bled Lake <10>] [Bled Lake <11>] [Bled Lake <12>] [Bled Lake <13>] [Bled Lake <14>] [Bled Lake <15>] [Bled Lake <16>] [Bled Lake <17>] [Bled Lake <18>] [Bled Lake <19>].
2014.04.28 Around Portland: [Scenes from Portland <1>], [Scenes from Portland <2>], [Scenes from Portland <3>], [Scenes from Portland <4>] and [Scenes from Portland <5>].
2014.04.21 Still those trees: [A Tree Grove in Spring <1>], [A Tree Grove in Spring <2>] and [A Tree Grove in Spring <3>].
2014.02.26 Four from three countries on three continents in two different years. Africa: [Elephant]; South America: [Cusco Central Square (Plaza de Armas)]; And Europe: [Windmills of Zaanse Schans <1>] and [Windmills of Zaanse Schans <2>].
2014.01.20 Six from the southeast China: [Impression of Wuzhen <1>], [Impression of Wuzhen <2>], [Impression of Wuzhen <3>], [Impression of Wuzhen <4>], [Impression of Wuzhen <5>] and [Impression of Wuzhen <6>].
2014.01.18 For the memory of the past: [Summer Palace] and [Temple of Heaven]. Traditional garden scenes: [Tuisi Garden <3>], [Tuisi Garden <2>] and [Tuisi Garden <1>].
2014.01.18 The grand view of sunrise, from the Grand View Terrace: [Sunrise over the Terrace of Grand View].
2014.01.11 [The Town Called Oia <2>] [The Town Called Oia <3>] [The Town Called Oia <4>] [The Town Called Oia <5>].
2014.01.05 First from Greece: [The Town Called Oia <1>].
2013.12.29 From a month ago: [Late Autumn <1>] and [Late Autumn <2>].
2013.12.25 [Misty Peaks of Tianzi Mountain <3>].
2013.12.21 [Misty Peaks of Tianzi Mountain <2>].
2013.12.19 From a year ago: [Misty Peaks of Tianzi Mountain].
2013.12.15 A mini-series: [Turkish Whirling Dance].
2013.06.29 [Hagia Sophia <3>].
2013.01.28 Bodrum, Turkey: [Dusk in Bodrum] and [Morning in Bodrum].
2013.01.26 The interior of Hagia Sophia: [Hagia Sophia <2>].
2013.01.19 [Hagia Sophia] [The Blue Mosque of Istanbul <4>] [The Blue Mosque of Istanbul <3>] [The Blue Mosque of Istanbul <2>]
2012.07.04 Turkey from last year: [The Blue Mosque of Istanbul <1>].
2011.12.08 Days fly by. Has it been so long since I uploaded the last images? The tree grove gave me such a pleasant surprise last autumn: [A Tree Grove in Autumn <1>] [A Tree Grove in Autumn <2>] and [A Tree Grove in Autumn <3>].
2011.03.17 Two from Puerto Rico: [Fort San Felipe del Morro <1>] and [Fort San Felipe del Morro <2>].
2011.03.03 Old photos from one more country - Guatemala: [A Street in Antigua <1>], [A Street in Antigua <2>] and [A Street in Antigua <3>].
2011.01.16 The fifth for the same waterfall. Hope this is better than the previous four: [Multnomah Falls <5>].
2010.12.12 [The Town of Korcula].
2010.11.12 Add three from a new country, Croatia: [Sail on the Adriatic Sea <1>], [Sail on the Adriatic Sea <2>] and [Dubrovnik].
2010.11.06 Sights from the bank of the lake: [Bled Lake <5>] [Bled Lake <6>] and [Bled Lake <7>].
2010.10.17 [Bled Lake <2>] [Bled Lake <3>] and [Bled Lake <4>].
2010.10.10 Bled Lake from a trip in 2008: [Bled Lake <1>].
2010.09.25 [Peony <3>].
2010.09.17 [Peony <2>].
2010.09.11 Peony has almost been selected as the Chinese national flower: [Peony <1>].
2010.09.03 Two groups of different colors: [Iris <5>] and [Iris <6>].
2010.08.27 It was all red the last batch. It is all blue this one: [Iris <3>] and [Iris <4>].
2010.07.30 The second of the iris series: [Iris <2>].
2010.07.16 Spring always comes: [Iris <1>].
2010.07.08 [Cherry Blossom].
2010.06.19 Three more peach flowers: [Peach Flowers from Longquan <3>], [Peach Flowers from Longquan <4>] and [Peach Flowers from Longquan <5>].
2010.05.26 Peach flowers in Chinese painting style: [Peach Flowers from Longquan <1>] and [Peach Flowers from Longquan <2>].
2010.05.25 From the cherry season two years ago: [Cherry Season <1>], [Cherry Season <2>] and [Cherry Season <3>].
2009.09.25 Two after a long time: [Midsummer Day's Dream <2>] and [Midsummer Day's Dream <1>].
2009.07.03 Four waterfalls from some time ago: [South Falls <2>], [South Falls <3>], [South Falls <4>] and [Yellow Foliage <2>].
2009.04.03 It's the blossom season again, but there are no good new photos. So here is an old one: [A Smile to the Spring (2)].
2009.03.13 The fourth batch from Alaska: [Alaska in Autumn <5>] and [Alaska in Autumn <6>].
2009.02.25 Two black-and-whites: [Sydney Opera House <1>] and [Sydney Opera House <2>].
2009.02.13 For Valentine's Day: [Rose after Rain].
2009.01.26 Wish Venice is doing well during this high-tide season: [San Giorgio Maggiore Island].
2008.12.05 [Flying Flowers of Sydney <2>] and [Flying Flowers of Sydney <1>].
2008.11.21 The small island from two years ago: [Impression of Aruba].
2008.11.06 [A Bird from Costa Rica].
2008.09.02 The third batch from Alaska: [Mount McKinley (Denali) <1>] and [Mount McKinley (Denali) <2>].
2008.08.22 Two more flowers from Chengdu: [Flowers from Chengdu <8>] and [Flowers from Chengdu <7>].
2008.08.01 Four waterfalls for cooling off: [Upper McCord Creek Falls], [McCord Creek Falls], [Diamond Falls] and [Shannon Falls].
2008.07.11 The second batch from Alaska: [Matanuska Glacier <1>], [Matanuska Glacier <2>], [Matanuska Glacier <3>] and [Matanuska Glacier <4>].
2008.06.20 The first batch from Alaska: [Alaska in Autumn <1>], [Alaska in Autumn <2>], [Alaska in Autumn <3>] and [Alaska in Autumn <4>].
2008.06.13 Taken exactly two months before the earthquake: [Flowers from Chengdu <1>], [Flowers from Chengdu <2>], [Flowers from Chengdu <3>], [Flowers from Chengdu <4>], [Flowers from Chengdu <5>] and [Flowers from Chengdu <6>].
2008.06.07 Two from Palouse County: [Palouse Landscape <1>] [Palouse Landscape <2>].
2008.05.01 [Kites on Beach].
2008.04.22 First one from 2008: [Plum Blossom].
2008.04.03 Back from a trip. A pair of "twins": [Sunset on Ruby Beach (2)] and [Sunset on Ruby Beach (1)].
2008.02.12 [Oregon Coast].
2008.01.25 From more than a year ago: [A Short Street in Old San Juan] and [Between Two Oceans].
2008.01.09 Four more humming birds: [Company on a Long Summer Day <2>], [Company on a Long Summer Day <3>], [Company on a Long Summer Day <4>] and [Company on a Long Summer Day <5>].
2008.01.02 Happy New Year! Mini-movie consisting of five frames of humming bird: [Company on a Long Summer Day <1>].
2007.12.21 The same waterfall, but it looks better in autumn: [Multnomah Falls <3>] and [Multnomah Falls <4>].
2007.12.14 Two birds. The second one is made from two pictures: [Flying in the Rain] and [Dancing Egrets].
2007.12.05 One from last fall. Didn't get a better one this year. [Proxy Falls].
2007.10.16 Five from Burano: [Colorful Burano <1>], [Colorful Burano <2>], [Colorful Burano <3>], [Colorful Burano <4>] and [Colorful Burano <5>].
2007.09.27 Back to the trip to Italy one and a half years ago: [A Small Canal], [On the Grand Canal <1>] and [On the Grand Canal <2>].
2007.09.14 Flowers from late spring: [Highlights of Spring <1>], [Highlights of Spring <2>] and [Highlights of Spring <3>].
2007.08.31 Total moon eclipse in the early morning of Auguest 28: [The Red Moon <2>].
2007.08.17 The day after tomorrow is Qixi, the Chinese Valentine Day: [White Rose].
2007.08.07 One from this spring and one from last fall: [Upper Kentucky Falls] [Lower South Falls].
2007.07.18 [Green River].
2007.07.05 Three waterfalls: [Wahclella Falls], [Wahkeena Falls] and [Multnomah Falls <2>].
2007.06.26 After the singles, the doubles and the triples, here comes the army: [It's the Tulip Time of the Year <6>].
2007.06.22 [Forerunner of Spring <3>].
2007.06.19 One more of tulips: [It's the Tulip Time of the Year <5>].
2007.06.12 [A Clear Night on Clear Lake].
2007.05.30 It was back in April: [It's the Tulip Time of the Year <1>], [It's the Tulip Time of the Year <2>], [It's the Tulip Time of the Year <3>] and [It's the Tulip Time of the Year <4>].
2007.05.17 Last fall: [By the Lake Side <1>] and [By the Lake Side <2>].
2007.04.21 There was snow before the rain: [Last Night's Snow].
2007.04.01 After two sunny weekends, the rain is back: [Last Night's Rain <2>] and [Last Night's Rain <1>].
2007.03.24 Spring is irresistable: [Forerunner of Spring <1>] and [Forerunner of Spring <2>].
2007.03.18 Back to Venice: [St. Mark's Square].
2007.03.08 Spring has come! [Herald of Spring <1>] and [Herald of Spring <2>].
2007.02.25 [Dawn of Venice].
2007.02.11 [Roman Ruins <1>] and [Roman Ruins <2>].
2007.01.27 All roads lead to Rome: [In the Eyes of an Angel].
2007.01.14 From far to near: [Duomo of Orvieto].
2007.01.07 Happy New Year! This one was from the same location as the previous one: [Orvieto From Far].
2006.12.12 Let's continue our trip in central Italy: [A Poppy in the Field].
2006.12.03 Two more Mt. Rainier: [Moonrise over Mount Rainier <2>] and [Moonrise over Mount Rainier <1>].
2006.11.18 Another from Washington state: [A Place Called Paradise].
2006.11.08 [Picture Lake and Mount Shuksan]. More from the Italy trip later.
2006.10.25 Two from Assisi: [Basilica of San Francesco <2>] and [Basilica of San Francesco <1>].
2006.09.24 [The Horizon of Tuscany <3>].
2006.09.17 [The Horizon of Tuscany <2>].
2006.09.11 There will be two to three with the same title: [The Horizon of Tuscany <1>].
2006.09.02 It was nice there: [The Bell Tower of Siena].
2006.08.26 [Florence under the Setting Sun].
2006.08.19 The first from the Italy trip in May: [Impression of Pisa].
2006.08.13 It was three seasons ago: [Autumn of Yesteryear].
2006.08.10 One more waterfall to help cool down the summer: [Watson Falls].
2006.07.23 One of Wuyi Mountain from a year ago: [The Mid-way Pavilion on Tianyou Peak].
2006.07.09 Two more waterfalls: [Latourell Waterfall] and [Multnomah Waterfall].
2006.06.18 The previous two are from the same field: [Flower Field].
2006.06.11 First two of 2006: [Tulips in the Wind <1>] and [Tulips in the Wind <2>].
2006.05.12 Two waterfalls: [North Falls] and [South Falls].
2006.04.27 A processed one: [By a Stream].
2006.04.20 Ran into a cute cat: [Little Hunter on Parking Lot].
2006.03.18 [Clear Lake].
2006.02.28 Two more from Maui, Hawaii: [Hana Sunrise] and [Makena Beach].
2006.02.18 One in the style of traditional Chinese painting: [Two Friends].
2006.02.05 Wailua again: [Wailua Falls - 2005].
2006.01.22 One from right before the New Year: [Space Needle of Seattle].
2006.01.18 [Door to a Traditional House].
2006.01.02 Done processing this one during the holiday season: [Yellow Foliage].
2005.12.18 [The Other Side of the Lake] and [Autumn Water].
2005.12.06 Two of the autumn: [Early Autumn] and [Mckenzie river in Autumn].
2005.11.17 Two from Wuyi Mountain, China: [Jiuqu River] and [On Top of Tianyou Peak].
2005.11.06 A mini-series from Hongcun: [Dawn in Hongcun], [Morning in Hongcun], [Afternoon in Hongcun], [Dusk in Hongcun] and [Evening in Hongcun].
2005.10.30 Two from a small village, Hongcun, in Anhui Province, China: [Houses on the Moon Pond] and [Red Lantern].
2005.10.16 [Late Spring in Northern California] and [Sunlight from behind the Cloud].
2005.10.04 Two waterfalls: [Vidae Waterfall] and [A Waterfall in Dazhang Mountain].
2005.09.25 [Blue Flowers].
2005.09.18 One entitled: [A Californian Poppy].
2005.09.05 Two from a river's side: [Daisies] and [Water under the Bridge].
2005.08.28 The last one from the firework series: [Fire in Water].
2005.08.18 Two from earlier this year, after some post-processing: [A White Flower] and [Early Spring in Southern California].
2005.08.12 Four more fireworks: [Fireworks <6>], [Fireworks <5>], [Fireworks <4>] and [Fireworks <3>].
2005.08.05 Two fireworks: [Fireworks <2>] and [Fireworks <1>].
2005.07.23 Added [Sunshine on Lake Shasta].
2005.07.09 Two of the Sundial Bridge in Redding: [The Sundial Bridge] and [On Sacramento River].
2005.06.25 Added one from China: [Waterfalls on Dinghu Mountain].
2005.06.11 Three from the California Poppy Reserve: [On the Road Side], [Red Horizon], and [Under Clear Sky].
2005.05.15 A post-processed photo from Kauai: [Waipoo Falls in Waimea Canyon].
2005.04.08 Two more rainbows from Kauai: [Kalalau Valley] and [Double Rainbow].
2005.03.23 Added two with rainbows: [Cliffs of the Napali Coast] and [On Tunels Beach].
2005.02.08 Added [Triple Rainbow around Me], at this time of the Chinese New Year.
2005.01.16 Added [Gate to Heaven] and the first from 2005: [White Pelican].
2004.12.26 Added two more from Kauai: [A Green Wave] and [Awaawapuhi Valley].
2004.12.11 Added two taken five months apart: [Waves of Ocean at Dawn] and [Shi Shi Beach].
2004.12.04 Added [Seastacks After Sunset] and [Sunset on Ruby Beach (6)].
2004.11.17 Added [Sunset on Ruby Beach (5)].
2004.11.12 Added [Sunset on Ruby Beach (4)].
2004.11.09 Added [Sunset on Ruby Beach (3)].
2004.11.07 Added [Sunset on Ruby Beach (2)].
2004.10.31 Added the first from a series: [Sunset on Ruby Beach (1)].
Redesigned the Guest Book page so that messages in all languages are displayed on the same page with the message form in all nine languages.
2004.10.03 Added to works to celebrate the Chinese Mid-autumn Festival: [The Mid-Autumn Moon] and [I Hear a Flute Singing in the Wind], in addition to one from a little earlier: [A Stroll at Dusk].
2004.09.26 Completed pages in Portuguese and experimental pages in Japanese.
2004.09.18 Added three works: [Hill side Ablaze With Flowers], [Light As the Wind] and [On Top of Mountains].
2004.08.24 Added two from the Olympic National Park: [Misty Distance] and [Path to Solitude].
2004.07.31 Added the first "wide angle" - a mosaic from three photos: [Green Rain Forest]. Changed the layout of the pages and the title pictures.
2004.07.18 Added three from Zhouzhuang, Jiangsu Province, China. The last two have been specially processed: [Morning in a Watery Village], [Homes on Water] and [Two Bridges].
2004.06.26 Added two western scenes from a year ago: [On Lake Powell] and [Beyond the Wave].
2004.06.15 Added one of California poppy from last spring: [Your Smile].
2004.05.09 Added two from the spring and one from the winter: [Yosemite After Snow], [It is Spring Time Again] and [It is Early Spring in March].
2004.04.22 Added two from Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China: [Where Did She Play Flute?] and [Wind of Spring].
2004.04.06 Added two more of plum flowers: [First Blossoms of the Year] and [Pattern of Fragrance].
2004.04.02 Found that the Guest Book was broken and fixed it.
2004.03.31 Added: [Yosemite Fall], [A Smile to the Spring] and [Color Eruption].
2004.03.12 Added two from the Yosemite trip last December: [Red Pasture], and [It is Quiet Here in the Morning].
2004.02.03 Added three snow scenes: [The Bridal Veil in Winter], [Silver Pond], and [A Small Church].
2004.01.18 To celebrate the lunar New Year, added [A Farewell to the Day].
2004.01.14 Added [Nice Port] and [Impression of the Campus in Early Winter].
Redesigned the web pages so that it's easier to navigate using the categories.
2003.12.04 Added two American west scenes: [An Approaching Storm] and [Boundless].
2003.11.16 Added a new one: [Autumn is Here] and an old one: [Vancouver at Dawn].
2003.10.27 Added [Light from Above <2>].
2003.10.04 Added [Tide of Flowers], [Homeland of the Navajos] and [Untainted].
2003.09.21 Added [The Wave] and [Going Home].
2003.08.23 Added [The Hills are Alive] and [Main Amphitheater].
2003.08.09 Added [Spring in Desert] and [Horseshoe Bend on Colorado River].
2003.08.01 Started to test run Guest Book in Chinese and English only.
2003.06.11 Added [Deep Blue].
2003.06.05 Added [My Heart Stays the Same], [Light from Above], [Looking toward the Distance] and [Marks for Time].
2003.05.13 Added [Roses on the Wall].
Started to test run the visitor voting function in the Other Scenes section.
2003.05.01 Added [The Botanical Building in Balboa Park], [Sculpture of the Wind] and [Golden Sand Dunes].
2003.04.07 Added [Another Day Is Dawning], [A Morning in Cancun], [A Civilization of the Past], [Mayan Pyramid], [Two Parrots] and [Looking Back".
At the same time, added a section to display photos grouped based on where they were taken: Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Mexico and U.S.A.
2003.03.03 Added [The Ancient Castle by the Sea] and [The Color of the Caribbean].
2002.02.19 Added "See a Random One" function. When this link is clicked on the Main Page of the gallery, a randomly-selected photo will be displayed in a new window.  
2003.01.23 Added [A Lone Pine Tree].
2002.12.10 Added [San Diego at Night] and [Sunset at Del Mar Beach].
2002.11.19 Added a new section for the Artistic Photos - those that have been post-processed with computers.
2002.10.30 Added [A Red Boat and [Seattle City Lights].
2002.10.18 Added [A September Day] and [The Last Roses of Summer]
2002.10.08 Added a new section for the Other Scenes and the first two photos are both titled [My Little Friend Mikey the Cat]
2002.09.24 Completed adding fourteen photos from the trip to Europe.
2002.09 Added a new section to put all the photos into nine classes based on their content: Mountains, Water Views, Sunrise Sunset,Waterfalls, Creatures, From Castles to Temples, Night Scenes, Countryside and City Scenes.
2002.04 Added five new versions in French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.
2000.04 The gallery was moved to its permanent web address:
1996.06 From now on, the gallery has been open to visitors at several temporary web addresses. All photos were listed in sections in chronological order. At first there was only the English version. The Chinese version was added later.
1990.09 Both entitled [Niagara Falls], two earliest photos in the gallery were taken.
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